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Frequently Asked Questions Continued (FAQs)

What hours are you able to make home visits?

Dr Postigo currently makes home visits Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. He is not able to schedule early morning appointments since he is making rounds in the hospital.


What kind of care can a doctor provide me in my home?

Anything that can be done in a doctor’s office can be done at your home.  Improvements in technology during the last few years allow us to provide the same level of care.


Services Provided:


• Medical Visits at Your Home or Retirement Community

• Comprehensive Geriatric Assessments

• Medication Optimization

• Hospital Admission and Follow-up at Rochester General Hospital

• Palliative Care

• Supervision of Home Health & Physical Therapy

• Coordination of Care with other Specialists

• Coordination of Care with Pharmacies that Deliver to Your Home

• Coordination of Care with Companies that Deliver Medical Equipment & Oxygen to Your Home

• Electrocardiograms

• Cerumen Removal (Cleaning Ears)

• Skin Lesion Removal using Electrosurgery

• Bladder Scans

• Joint Injections

• Toenail Trimming

• Pulse Oxymetry (Oxygen Evaluation)

• In-Home Blood Draw Labs

• In-Home Mobile Ultrasound & X-Rays

• Flu Shots


Which Hospital System is Dr. Postigo affiliated with?
Rochester Regional Health
Does my insurance cover procedures such as ear cleaning, trimming toenails, joint injections?

Insurances usually pay for procedures every 60 days, sometimes according to your plan, you will have a copayment for a procedure. If you would like a procedure to be repeated before 60 days usually it is not covered by insurances and you will be billed for it.


What if I need a consultation with another specialist?

The doctor can make a referral to the specialist of your choice.  He will send specific information to the specialist about your medical condition prior to your appointment.


How soon can you see me, after I call?                                       

It is just like scheduling a visit at a medical office, you will get the first available appointment.   


Is the Doctor on time for his appointments?

Just like with any other medical office, things can happen. The doctor may be caught in bad weather or need to treat an unexpected emergency before your appointment or he can be early.  We recommend to be ready 1 hour before your scheduled appointment. If the doctor is not on time please call our office and we can find out how close is he from your home.


What if I need to cancel or reschedule my visit?

All of our visits are scheduled in advance to plan for traveling time for the specific day your visit is scheduled on. Because the doctor makes house calls throughout Rochester it takes a lot of planning and effort to calculate his trip to see you. We prefer you not to cancel scheduled visits.  However, if you need to reschedule an appointment because of an unforeseen conflict our office needs to be informed at least 24 hours before your visit.  If you are going out of town for an extended period of time please let our office know when you will be back so we can schedule your visit for after you return.

Is there a charge if the doctor comes to visit me and I am not at home or not available?

Yes, we do charge for missed visits. If the doctor travels to your scheduled appointment and you are not at home or available there will be a $20 fee. This covers travel costs and time spent for the doctor coming to your home.


What if I need a Work-in Appointment?

If you need to be seen in-between your regular scheduled appointments, you just call our office and we will schedule a work-in appointment. 

A Geriatrician that comes to you!

No extra cost!​

A Geriatrician that comes to you!

No extra cost!​

A Geriatrician that comes to you!

No extra cost!​

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