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When you are suffering from an unexpected illness or injury, or when you simply require general medical attention Senior Medical Care is there for you.

​You can be assured – we have a commitment to excellence when it comes to the level of care we provide.

We offer a large amount of services at home so our patients can have a more centralized care experience.

  •  Home Visits for Seniors

  •  Comprehensive Geriatric Assessments

  •  Medication Management

  •  Hospital Admission & Follow-Up in Rochester General Hospital

  •  Palliative Care

  •  Supervision of Home Health & Physical Therapy

  •  Coordination of Care with other Specialists

  •  Coordination of Care with Pharmacies that Deliver to Your Home

  •  Coordination with Companies that Deliver Medical Equipment & Oxygen to Your Home

  •  Electrocardiograms

  •  Cleaning Ears

  •  Skin Lesion Removal using Electrosurgery

  •  Bladder Scans

  •  Joint Injections

  •  Toenail Trimming

  •  Pulse Oxymetry (Oxygen Evaluation)

  •  In-Home Blood Draw Labs

  •  In-Home Mobile Ultrasound & X-Rays

  •  Flu Shots, Immunizations

Geriatric Assessments

Comprehensive Geriatric Assessments to help determine patient needs in the home. This assessment is used to help determine both physical and mental ability.

Medication management and cost analysis is part of our assessment. This will benefit the patient by determining which medications are most cost effective. To read more about medication management click here.

In-Home Testing


The doctor performs routine physicals for our patients annually or by special request.

He also offers annual flu shots.

Toes & Ears

The doctor is able to clean ears so that our patients are better able to hear what is being said around them or on the phone.


Dr. Postigo also trims toenails for patients. Some insurances require an additional copayment or coinsurance for these procedures. 

In-Home X-Rays

We currently work with a mobile x-ray provider who is able to do ultrasounds and x-rays in your own home.

This eliminates the need to go out of the home to get these services done. They are not able to provide CATscans or MRIs in the home.

Hospital Admissions

Dr. Postigo admits  and follows his patients at Rochester General Hospital.


You may go to any hospital you choose, although, if you go to Strong, Highland or Unity Hospitals, you will be followed by a hospital doctor.

If you are hospitalized it is necessary to notify the admission staff that Dr. Luis Postigo is the primary care physician so he can be contacted.​

Home Health Supervision

Dr. Postigo works with many different home health agencies in Rochester to provide nursing and aide service to our patients who qualify. We also work with  palliative care agencies.

The doctor will supervise the care of these agencies to make sure it is the most effective for each patient.

Oxygen and Circulation

​We evaluate oxygen levels for our patients who are having respiratory problems. This is called pulse oxymetry.

The Doctor will order oxygen for any patients who need it.

Also, the doctor can evaluate circulation of the lower extremities if needed.

At-Home Blood Draws

We work with mobile laboratory services who can draw blood at home. This is especially convenient for patients on Coumadin.

If you are still able to go to the lab, the doctor is more than happy to provide you with a prescription to take in yourself.

Coordination of Care

Senior Medical Care will coordinate your care with other physicians and services that you currently use or would be beneficial.

We coordinate care with other specialists, pharmacies that deliver medications to the home, and medical equipment companies that deliver equipment and oxygen to homes.

Diagnostic Services

Our physician is able to give patients Electrocardiograms in the comfort of their own homes.

We are also able to provide bladder scans to more accurately treat our patients.

​​Joints & Skin

Having pain in your joints? Dr. Postigo is able to give patients joint shots to help alleviate any pain they are experiencing.

He is also able to remove skin tags and lesions using electro-surgery.


Every flu season Dr. Postigo is one of the first providers to offer his patient's a flu shot. This helps prevent the flu before the first case has been detected in our area - giving you the advantage.

Flu shots are good for 1 year from the date they are given.

A Geriatrician that comes to you!

No extra cost!​

A Geriatrician that comes to you!

No extra cost!​

A Geriatrician that comes to you!

No extra cost!​

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