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Frequently Asked Questions Continued (FAQs)

How can I save money on medicines?

Medicines can be expensive. Dr. Postigo will continually review your medicines and if there is cheaper and effective treatment, he will give you the option to switch to that medicine.  


Do I have a copayment during my home visit?

If you have a copayment we will bill you. We prefer credit cards or debit cards.


Will you bill my insurance company?

We will submit insurance claims on your behalf to both your primary and secondary insurance carriers.  Depending on your plan, like in any doctor’s office, you will receive a bill for non covered charges. You can pay your bills by mailing a check or you can pay with a credit card if you call my office.


What insurances are you accepting now? Do you take Medicare and Medicaid?

We are accepting all of the insurance plans in the Rochester, NY area.  Check our website under the Insurance Tab for the complete list.  Call the office if your insurance is not listed. Yes we accept patients with Medicare and Medicaid.


What happens if I get a new insurance policy, my insurance number changes, or my copayment amount changes?

Every time you have a change in your insurance, get a new number or your copayment amount changes, we need to be notified.  Please send us a copy of your insurance card or have your card available for the doctor to copy at the next visit.  If we do not have your valid insurance information, you can be billed as not having insurance.

Can you supervise my Home Health?

Yes.  We work with all Home Health Agencies of the area.  For a Home Health to go to your house, they need to have the supervision of a medical doctor which Dr. Postigo will do.

Does Dr Postigo provide Palliative Care and Hospice Care?

Dr. Postigo provides Palliative Care with the goal of improving the quality of life of patients while continuing curative treatment. When terminal patients are in need of a Hospice Home Health Agency, Dr. Postigo coordinates the transfer to the team of Hospice Doctors who then assumes the care of the patient.

What if I need some blood work, an X-ray or Ultrasound done at home?

The doctor can order these to be done in your home. Labs are usually done on Wednesdays by Rochester Regional Home Draw Lab, Phone: 585-922-1160.  You should call ahead of time to confirm the date and time of arrival of the lab technician and make sure the patient is home and ready to be seen. If the patient is not home and ready, or refuses to be seen when the lab technician comes, the home draw service will be canceled for the patient and they will need to get their labs done at a facility.


X-ray and Ultrasounds are usually done within 48 hours by Ultra Mobile; Phone: 585-424-6270.  Call them to confirm the date and time of the test.


What if I need some blood work, a urine test, or a stool test in a lab or an X-ray, CT scan or MRI in the hospital?

The doctor can order these.  If you require a urine or stool test, you will first need to stop by the facility to pick up the test kit for the collection and then you will need to return to the lab to drop off the sample. For blood work, you will need to go a Rochester Regional Lab. Ask the lab to look in their computer’s personal FAX folder of the patient for the order from Dr. Postigo.  The order will be there.  You should call ahead of time to confirm that they can find the orders Dr. Postigo sent and also verify the address of the facility. The general phone number for Rochester Regional Labs is 585-922-1811. Let them know which Lab you are trying to reach and they can give you the phone number of that specific facility or go to the Rochester Regional Labs website: and select Laboratory Service Center for a list of Lab Facilities, locations and information.


For an X-ray, CT scan or MRI you will be notified by our office of the time and location where you need to go since these procedures need to be approved by your insurance first. If the day and time does not work, you will need to call and reschedule the test.

Rochester Regional Outpatient X-ray Department Phone: 585-922-2160.

Can I see my lab results?

You can access your lab results through the internet at  If you need assistance setting up an account call their help line at 585-922-1234.

Can I have access to my Electronic Health Records online?

Yes, if you sign up with the Electronic Health Records you will have access to many things including: medication lists, appointment times, etc. You can also send messages to the doctor and more!   When you provide an e-mail address to my office, we will send you an email with instructions on how to access your medical records and a few days before an appointment you will receive a reminder through an email. See more information on


For a full, downloadable version of the FAQs, Click Here

A Geriatrician that comes to you!

No extra cost!​

A Geriatrician that comes to you!

No extra cost!​

A Geriatrician that comes to you!

No extra cost!​

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