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We are a green medical practice. In addition to taking care of the health of our patients we feel that it is our duty and responsibility to also take care of the health of our planet.  We want to do our part to decrease global warming and minimize our carbon footprint.  In addition to being a paperless office, we are minimizing our office’s use of fossil fuels by using solar panels to generate 100% of the electricity used to power our office and a electric car used by Dr. Postigo to provide house calls to our patients.

Is it Difficult to get to Your Doctor?

Dr. Postigo will come right to your home!

​We see patients who are 65 or older in the Rochester, NY area and pride ourselves in offering state-of-the-art medical care in the comfort and privacy of your own home.  

Servicing Monroe and Wayne Counties, see service area map.

about us

Senior Medical Care is a medical practice that is dedicated exclusively to making house calls to seniors at their homes or retirement communities.

Most of our patients have trouble leaving their homes, but you do not have to be home bound to qualify for our services.  

Our practice believes that accessible, easy to understand medical care is important to patients as well as their families and caregivers. Our staff takes the time to get to know our patients with the goal of providing the best medical care. 

Home visits are covered by all insurances and no extra cost is added by our practice.  Medicare and most insurance plans are accepted.

We truly believe that you or your loved one will enjoy being part of Senior Medical Care.

Dr. Postigo in the News


Patient Review, Healthgrades Review

"The best move I made for my wife and me I can't say enough about him. Knowable polite"

Family Member, Healthgrades Review

"Dr. Postigo is a cornerstone of quality care for seniors. A must have for those that have a hard time getting around. House calls for seniors is the best thing that could've happened to help my home care business. My clients found him to be essential to staying out of long term care facilities, enjoying a better quality of life at home. When in doubt or have an emergency, he has a personal line available to his clients. That to me and my family is of utmost importance. Very professional and kind."

Family Member, Healthgrades Review

"In searching for a geriatric doctor for my 92 yr old Mother, Dr Postigo was a unique referral in that he only makes house calls and the age range of his patients are 65+. He has been a wonderful and caring physician for my Mom; he diagnosed a few serious medical conditions on their first visit which the previous physician had overlooked. He will make house calls as needed with the frequency not seen in regular office visits. My Mom is doing well and we can thank Dr. Postigo for this gift."

A Geriatrician that comes to you!

No extra cost!​

A Geriatrician that comes to you!

No extra cost!​

A Geriatrician that comes to you!

No extra cost!​

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